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  • Stuntman Ignition demo...

    Well I've been downloading demos and videos like crazy on XBL... hey, there free... lol...

    alot of stupid stuff coming, but alot of good stuff too, and even a couple of great items...

    anyway... yes it is a "arcade racer" of sort, but this stuntman demo is SWEET... and looks great on my 50 inch 1080p HD TV...

    Your a stuntman, you have to follow the script, the director is telling you what to do and you do it, long chase scenes, crashing into vehicles, explosions...ect ect... it's really fun, but really hard... I had to do a couple of do overs till I finally learned "the track", (theres also a easy mode that lets you make more mistakes for half the points)... what was cool about it, is afterwards, you can watch the replay... and that my friends is cool...

    If you like the burnout series, you might want to give this demo a go... pretty fun... but an ARCADE! make that clear right now., lol
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    Re: Stuntman Ignition demo...

    I havnt tried it yet, but from what i heard its not as hard as the ps2 version, and THANK GOD. That one was so hard you had a better chance of suffering a heart attack then beating the mission.
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