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NASCAR 08 and Moto 07 demos out...

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  • NASCAR 08 and Moto 07 demos out...

    XBL has demos for both, the just released NASCAR 08 and Moto 07...

    My 2 cents... NASCAR 08, for the first time since I can remember is more of a lite sim then an arcade... up there with the great papy series of NASCAR games... very detailed and harder then you would think... if you like NASCAR and/or racing games this is a buy...

    Just downloaded Moto 07... never really played a bike racing game, tried Moto 06 for a few races... very well done graphic, sound and feel wise...since a demo, not really sure what the full game will contain...

    But I like the A button for gas, and both triggers used for front/rear brakes... you can get good enough to power slide around corners...sweet... will watch this one closely, but still unsure.
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    Re: NASCAR 08 and Moto 07 demos out...

    I always was a fan of MotoGP, since its first release back on the original Xbox.




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