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Sport Game series...what you getting?

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  • Sport Game series...what you getting?

    With a number of EA sport games coming out within the next 3 months, and a couple from Y2K... what are, if any are you getting for the 360...?

    I was going to skip on the Madden game this year, since last year I only played about a dozen games... but with reviews, opinions, and previews saying this is the "best one ever", and "the first true next gen"...think I'll get it now.

    Going to get NHL 2008 also (next month), I really loved the way the game handled in 07 with the new stick shot type controls, so only was able to play a few games in 07, what games I played were great and hope 08 continues.

    and finally, for me, Tiger Woods Golf, not very popular, because of the slow pace and nature of the game, but nothing like getting together with 4 friends on XBL for a round of Skins... back when I played EA Gold on the Sega Genesis, while in the army, we would drink and play ALL night long, a dollar a hole...was great fun.

    thats about it for me, not into basketball or soccur (don't even know how to spell it, lol)... but thats just me.

    What I like about sport games, I work the night shift, start around 8 PM... I can get in a 30 minute game before leaving for work almost nightly. ;)
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    Re: Sport Game series...what you getting?

    My favorite from last year was probably NBA 2k7. I was somewhat disappointed in Madden, NCAA Football and MLB 2k7. I liked NHL but didn't end up playing it that much. Sports games are the main reason I have a console, since they have mostly disappeared from the PC other than EA games - and those are console ports that often play better on the console.

    I'm going to wait on Madden this year. I read many glowing reviews on it last year, too, only to find that it didn't seem to hold up under repeated play. It seems many are wowed by the sizzle early on, then find the steak is a bit tough when they get down to the "eating".

    I've noticed this with this year's NCAA football. Many said it was way better than last year's game, but about 2-3 weeks after release lots of problems were found. EA has this tendency to fix one thing, only to break another. This year they added gang tackling and fixed some of the defensive back problems, but they seem to have broken passing to where the CPU throws 2-6 interceptions a game without fail, and have somewhat screwed up the recruiting system.

    Madden may truly be better for a change - I hope it is - but I'm going to wait and see a bit on it. A good site with mostly mature discussion on it's forums about the various sports games is
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      Re: Sport Game series...what you getting?

      I have Tiger Woods 07, really like it a lot. Great game. I'll surely want to try 08 out.

      Not sure what else. I tried MLB 2k7 and hated it. Had some of the best graphics I have seen, almost looks real. however, the controls are far too complex to deal with, hitting is impossible.


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        Re: Sport Game series...what you getting?

        I've only played it on the PS3, but imho, the 2k8 all pro football game is awesome. Although they don't have an NFL license, they did incorporate a lot of NFL legends. You can build your own team incorporating, for example, Montana and Rice. The game play is head and shoulders above Madden.
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          Re: Sport Game series...what you getting?

          Madden 08 and maybe NHL 08
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            Re: Sport Game series...what you getting?

            NCAA 08 and Madden 08
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