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8/22 XBL demo/videos...

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  • 8/22 XBL demo/videos...

    Just FYI if you don't check daily, like I do, lol...

    The demo to Blazing Angels 2 is out... (I didn't like the first and won't like this one, just sharing the news...too arcadish for me. JMO.)

    The demo to Skate is out, and pretty damn good, compared to the TH series (which I've liked and played them all), TH is more action and fun, and wild, while Skate seems more realistic, more of a skateboarding "sim". JMO

    2 new videos out:

    America's Army True Soldiers... more of an announcement video... says from the makers of Ghost Recon... they must mean GRAW, because from what little gameplay action is in the video it looks almost EXACTLY like the GRAW series without all the overlay and toys... it does appear to be more of a tactical, teamwork type game... but still, alot of console elements in it.

    on the other hand, there is a new video for Call of Duty 4, looks great, but more evidence that CoD4 is more of an action game then a tactical game, which is what it strives for I guess, and what the majority wants... I just personally prefer more tactics and teamwork then action, but thats just me. ;)
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    Re: 8/22 XBL demo/videos...

    I prefer a game, and not real life, I'm pumped for cod4, I also hated the first blazing angels, game was terrible, and the silly voice over from that redneck.




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