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Whoa, figure 8 racin...sweet...

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  • Whoa, figure 8 racin...sweet...

    Now I'm not suggesting anyone pay 60 bucks for Flatout Ultimate Carnage, but if you find it on sale, marked down, or can steal it (joking, don't do that)... your in for a different treat... no this ain't Forza 2 or even PGR3 or 4... but I just played the most intense, fun MP race ever...

    5 laps in a figure 8 dirt track... 12 cars, i got up 10 2nd place within 2 laps, so that game me 3 laps to catch and pass the leader, it was neck and neck the whole 3 laps till on the last one right in front of me he T-bones a car coming through the center of the 8... flys up and over my car and I hit the accelerator and "drive through the smoke", as ol Tom would say, in the corner of my eye (TV screen) in the smoke i see another car entering the center 8, and miss him by inches... I finish 1st with a big sigh of relief...

    The SP campaign (Flatout mode) is kinda stupid, because i beat the first 5 races, then no matter how good i drove couldn't finish in the top required 3 to move on...

    but the extras, like Carnage mode (where you just do as much damage as possible to EVERYTHING, stunts (where you do crazy stunts with the car and sometimes yourself by throwing yourself out of the car for a high jump etc etc, Derby mode, where it's you and 12 cars crashing into each other last one standing wins, time trials, and party mode... all in Sp and MP... guessing about 12 cars from the start, and about 24 tracks from the start...

    incredible fun, especially drunk, lol.
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