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  • GRAW2 map pack and weapons pack...

    Well we only had four turn out for Saturdays GRAW2 classic map pack get together, but it was fantastic... I think we unlocked all, but one, of the co-op achievements.

    I've posted the video of the map pack that you can get on XBL, but here is more information:


    Caves (Ghost Recon®): Azcona's squads are using the nearby caves as an operational base for raiding army convoys across the river. Detain and extract the rebel leader and recon the area for any hidden weapon caches.

    Railroad Bridge (Ghost Recon): Intel reports the rebels are moving on a command post 60 clicks southeast of here. Protect the command post, recon the local rail line and hunt down the informant providing intel to the rebels.

    Battlefield (Ghost Recon): The last rebel unit in the area is holed up in the village of Venta. An allied armor unit on the edge of town is pinned down by artillery. Ghosts, knock out the enemy comm transmitter. Then escort the armor through the village.

    Plantation (Ghost Recon®: Island Thunder®): Intel shows a rebel leader's motorcade is moving through the farms south of here. Take out his convoy and destroy all of the surrounding ADATS before Sabre Seven arrives for extraction.

    Swamp Airfield (Ghost Recon: Island Thunder): Azcona's rebels have occupied a small island airfield. Recon the area for intel on this operation and destroy all aircraft to prevent any means of escape. The landing strip is targeted for an air strike so get out ASAP.

    Business Park (Brand New): Narrow alleys connect open courtyards with overlooking balconies in this concrete corporate paradise.

    Rooftop (Brand New): Sitting on top of the world, the rooftop structure of a skyscraper has lots of cover and vertical combat.

    Caves (Ghost Recon): Rolling terrain, forest and a cave structure tucked into the side of the mountains.

    Railroad Bridge (Ghost Recon): A deep valley with a rail bridge spanning overhead, hilly and wooded areas nearby.

    Battlefield (Ghost Recon): Open terrain with pockets of war-torn buildings, under the limited visibility of black skies and pouring rain.

    Plantation (Ghost Recon: Island Thunder): Wet, foggy airfield located in the heart of a murky swamp.
    Swamp Airfield (Ghost Recon: Island Thunder): A bright, sunny day overlooks the plantation fields and nearby structures, including a large warehouse.

    Prison (Ghost Recon: Island Thunder): This dilapidated structure has many paths in and out.

    Castle (Ghost Recon): The mighty castle walls and excavation within provide lots of cover and CQB, while thick wooded countryside offers ample stealth and sniping opportunities.


    The Co-op Collection also gives you nine new achievements for GRAW 2, totaling 125 achievement points:

    Caves (Co-op) Perfect: 15 points: Complete Caves Co-op Mission without respawning at default or hard difficulty.
    Railroad Bridge (Co-op) Perfect: 15 points: Complete Railroad Bridge Co-op Mission without respawning at default or hard difficulty.
    Battlefield (Co-op) Perfect: 15 points: Complete Battlefield Co-op Mission without respawning at default or hard difficulty.
    Swamp Airfield (Co-op) Perfect: 15 points: Complete Swamp Airfield Co-op Mission without respawning at default or hard difficulty.
    Plantation (Co-op) Perfect: 15 points: Complete Plantation Co-op Mission without respawning at default or hard difficulty.
    2-Point Swing: 15 points: In a CTF match with 5+ players, recover your stolen flag and score in a single run.
    From Downtown: 10 points: Kill exactly three enemies and no teammates with one grenade on a map.
    Clever Retort: 10 points: In a match, get a grenade kill while you are incapacitated or dead. Minimum five players.
    Kickin' it Old School: 15 points: Complete a Co-op Mission without respawning, hard difficulty, and the Drone off.
    BTW... just today, I noticed the free weapons pack is on XBL... not sure but I think it's only 8 new weapons for SP only, still trying to verify.

    BTW2... we meet every Saturday around NOON EASTERN for some Xbox 360 co-op action... if interested be sure to join on Saturday.
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    Re: GRAW2 map pack and weapons pack...

    The weapons pack is for quick mission mode only, and you need to enable it VIA options in the singleplayer menu.

    Next saturday, will we be kickin' it old school (like the achievement says, heh) without the drone? I was having quite a bit of fun the last time we played without the HUD "cheats" :madsmile:




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