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So, what kind of GRAW2 player are u? (360)

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  • So, what kind of GRAW2 player are u? (360)

    After a disappointing night last night on the PC version of GRAW2, (for me a number of lock ups and crashes, since this new patch... and what appeared to be extremely unfair and unbalance game play via the AI)... I cranked up GRAW2 on the Xbox 360 this AM... I wanted to compare why I love GRAW2 on the 360, but not that crazy about it on the PC...

    Why did they change, and ruin the PC version compared to the 360 version, why couldn't they just make them both the same... R6 Vegas is almost identical too each other on the PC and 360, and so is why not GRAW2... granted I do love and appreciate the tactical map in the PC version...but they ruined much of everything else, especially the AI (friend and foe)...

    Anyway, I didn't mean for this post to be a soapbox statement...while going back into the SP of GRAW2 on the 360, (after completing the campaign on all three levels way back when released)... I noticed a bunch of stat screens that ranked how you did, what you did, and your play stayle...

    SO, I was wondering... for you guys who have played the SP campaign in GRAW2 (on the Xbox 360)... what type of player are you?

    (I was also testing how to take screenshots on the 360... alot easier then video and converting and uploading, lol...)

    My play style, BTW... is TEAM LEADER, lol... go figure:

    and Xtra credit, CoD4:

    No, with those scores and stats...I'm not bragging...believe me, lol... just learning to take screens on the 360.
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