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-.- kingdom under fire circle of doom = pfft

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  • -.- kingdom under fire circle of doom = pfft

    *might be spoilers*

    i dont want to hit any raw nerves because im sure theres some fans of the series here, but really, i recommend you do not buy this...

    its MEGA repetitive...... like uber super ultra repetitive, the characters are cool, nice ish graphics on them, but the rest isnt very well thought out, the so called randomly generated maps are just the same in a different order, and theres only 5 regions which are the same with different skins and far too much walking.

    also, theres no storyline, well not a decent one anyway... the game ends with you fighting a shadow, that changes colours, in a big ball of what looks like guts.... your inside this ball, and your not actualy standing on anything... and it does your head in...

    oh and the items are all using the same skin, but with different stats :S

    also, you manage to teleport from a forest, to a desert, to a house, to a volcano, to a load of floating platforms made of huge dead bodies.... while fighting bosses that are for the large part, the same at every stage.

    (dont get me started on flesh men, they are annoying beyond belief.)

    So, if you like to play games where youll spend hours of your life backracking, getting up levels pointlessly and using weapons that all look pretty much the same with pretty names, then go ahead...

    but yeah.. thats my rant about worst game of the year over....

    :) sorry just my advice.

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    Re: -.- kingdom under fire circle of doom = pfft

    I agree totaly, I rented it and I wish I had not done so. I have beat every game I have rented owned up till this one. I started the game and it had no real start to it on what your doing so I ended up just wandering around killing things for 4 hours with no idea of the plot aside from someone not being able to remeber me.

    This is the second worst game I have played ever and the worst in the last 10 years.

    The only thing I can say about it is that it looks real nicely drawn.

    Also the controls are very badly done for archers, you need to use the X or A button to fire your bow with your right thumb but you aim with the right stick so you need to aim then stop aiming and shoot and hope that the enemy does not move too much before you kill it.


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      Re: -.- kingdom under fire circle of doom = pfft

      yeah i know.. its pretty much all the same.. hack slash and go up a level... and them repeat onthe same monsters in a diff area... none the less.. im gona complete it because i have some mates that play it jst for something to fill in the time.. but its really not worth the money paid... it should have been free imo..

      comon people comment on it ..


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        Re: -.- kingdom under fire circle of doom = pfft

        I played the demo... I can deal with mind-numbing, simplistic fun... but this was just simply mind-numbing.

        I played it for a good hour before I realized I was forcing myself to play it to give it a fair chance. I'll pass on this one, for sure. It's a shame though, they have a bunch of downloadable content for it already, albeit, pure vanity items. Still, it's something to get if you enjoyed the game; which is more than most offer.


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          Re: -.- kingdom under fire circle of doom = pfft

          clodhopper i seriously think you should be given your own status bar that says " xbox game guru" :P

          and i mean.. there are some achievements for this game that are such an utter waste of life..

          for example

          lvl 80 with every character....

          thats a good amount of weeks spent on this game... thats 6 characters to play

          Watch all the credits...

          basicly, you have to complete the game on normal, then hard, then expert.... which makes this even more rediculous cos it means you got to make your characters super durable...

          another one.. get to lvl 120..... thats like mental... i got one to 50 and ive played it far too much for a game i hate...

          and then i havent even started another characters storyline... theres 5 characters with quest storys....

          basicly for all the achiements you got to play this game a minimum of 8 times.... and a lot more to get all the stuff you need to finish expert......its dull enough the first time through...




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