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  • XBox360 Frontlines: Fuel of War Reviews

    XBox360 reviews are starting to come in is good for seeing all the reviews compared

    If you find a new review then post it up in this thread


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    Re: XBox360 Frontlines: Fuel of War Reviews

    Originally posted by 86%
    In my opinion, the single player career works as a great tutorial to prepare yourself for online battles and I highly suggest giving it a run through. But with this game, the online multiplayer is where the game shines

    The combat system in Frontlines focuses completely on teamwork between squad mates. Running as a lone wolf will more than likely get disgruntled team members rather than completed objectives. So keep that in mind when you go running off to go solo in the closest vehicle. A squad leader can give highlight targets, send commands and even act as a respawn point as long as he/she is still alive. When part of a squad you’ll also be able to see squad member highlighted on the map. A great feature in the game is the inclusion of VoIP chat in every game. All squads receive their own private VoIP chat channel which allows them to communicate only with each other

    Originally posted by 80%
    What Frontlines manages to do really well is capture the feeling of war. At times you'll have enemies coming at you from all directions, rockets will be screaming through the air, tanks will be bombarding your position with heavy fire and your team mates will be laying down suppressive fire.

    Originally posted by 80%
    Somewhat expectedly, given KAOS' history with the Battlefield series, Frontlines' multiplayer is where it's at. Boasting the first Xbox 360 title to feature 50 player battlefields (for North America at least, seems we've got to wait until the last minute to see if that figure makes it to Europe), multiplayer easily makes amends for the slightly short single-player campaign.

    Originally posted by 8.2/10
    One area where Frontlines: Fuel of War particularly shines is the level design. In the single-player and multiplayer campaigns, most levels have rather unique and memorable designs. My favorite level was probably the multiplayer stage Gnaw, which takes place in the crumbling ruined cityscape with a number of hidey-holes and unique tactical opportunities. The engine ran these areas quite well, even in the massive 30+ player matches

    Originally posted by 8.4/10
    The big difference between Frontlines and all the other multiplayer modes is the frontlines system in the game. Rather than fighting it out for a set of disconnected control points across a map you have to control a series of control points which form the Front of the battle in the game. In order to move the front forward your team has to control all three points of the map which adds a whole new level of strategy to the game as you can't just march from capture point to capture point but rather capture a point and then defend it. I really like this system as it forces a whole new level of co-operation and teamwork across the team.




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