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  • Vegas, Baby!

    In anticipation of the upcoming release of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 on March 18th, I thought it might be fun to get together to play some cooperative missions of Rainbow Six Vegas. We have two weeks before R6V2 hits shelves, so let’s take advantage of the time to update our Friends and find a few days to schedule gaming sessions. It might make sense to try and hold both weekday and weekend events to involve more members.

    Purposed Dates
    • Tuesday, 04 March at 9:00 PM EST
    • Saturday, 08 March at 2:00 PM EST
    • Tuesday, 11 March at 9:00 PM EST
    • Saturday, 15 March at 2:00 PM EST

    I’ll volunteer to coordinate these sessions, but please bare with me, as they will be my first on the Xbox 360. If you are interested in getting together on any of these days, please respond below with your Xbox Live GamerTag and general availability.


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    Re: Vegas, Baby!

    Your choice... but I would recommend you TRADE in Vegas 1 before Vegas 2 is released, once 2 is released, the trade in value for 1 will go way down...

    I hated to do it, but traded mine in for credit and pre-ordered 2 a couple of weeks ago.

    So will be there day of release for Vegas 2.
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      Re: Vegas, Baby!

      I'll be trading mine in sometime, but ill probably be able to make the saturday ones if my 360 gets back soon.

      Xbox Live= Latius


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        Re: Vegas, Baby!

        I had thought about that, but got into R6V a little late and am still working my way through the campaign to gear up for R6V2. I did trade some old PlayStation 2 games toward the new release and actually earned enough to place the pre-order for free with a little store credit left over in the end.

        I didnít even think about the fact a lot of members might trade the first one to get the most bang for their buck, so perhaps organizing a few sessions isnít the best idea. However, if anyone does still have R6V and would like to play some cooperative missions, just let me know.


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          Re: Vegas, Baby!

          Never played R6V, worth it to pick it up to get up to speed before 2 comes out?




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