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  • CoD4 video highlight reels...

    Here's three video highlights of three different team deathmatch maps... open server, default settings (meaning not hardcore: we played HC mode earlier but it makes for boring video since most camp and ambush, and you don't get to see the cool death cam.)

    Members of SimHQ and Tactical Gamer are involved and playing. We get together almost every Saturday around Noon Eastern for some type of tactical gameplay. (Usually the excellent GRAW2, with a dip into CoD4 and other tac shooters... Vegas 2 will be big with our "group".)




    Yes, I know they are big files...they are filmed in 720p HiDef. Recommend you right click and save as for buffing free viewing...

    Yes I know I suck, lol... these kids beat my donkey on XBL, and the controller is still just about a year new too me, compared to 20 plus years of a mouse, lol.

    Yes, I know that the sound becomes out of sync with the video during the length of the video. I have the 360 daisy chained through a HD video capture card, out to me desktop HD TV. I capture using VirtualDub, and it captures that way, starts out fine then slowly loses audio sync... if anyone know how to fix this or correct it, please let me know...I'm still learning.

    and yes, the dude about 3/4 of the way into Ambush kills himself with a nade... I'm just guessing that he probably had buddies on the other team and was killing himself to hurt our score, but I'm just speculating on that...and if it's true, he's a real gutless loser. JMO lol

    and yes, on one of the maps, can't recall which, I was trying to run out into the enemy airstrike to get killed, to show the excellent new follow the bomb kill cam, but as my luck would have it I survived. lol, If I wasn't trying to die, it would of got me. ;)

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