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Xbox 360 server fix update!!

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  • Xbox 360 server fix update!!

    If someone wants to sticky this, it's gonna be updated constantly on the website.

    This will be updated whenever we get new news about server problems for the 360!

    From Frontlines Warfare News Post

    Kaos Associate Producer, Edmar posted some information on the fixes they are working on including the "game sessions in longer available" error on Xbox 360.

    There is also an announcement about this on the Kaos forums here.

    [box]Thanks for the feedback - a fix which *should* resolve a lot of the "game session no longer available" messages was tested over the weekend and looks like it does the trick most of the time (based on user feedback). We started pushing it out to the servers yesterday and it should be on all servers by this evening.

    Once we receive feedback on a problem, most things can be fixed relatively quickly - we just have to have our QA team pound on the fix first so it cannot happen right away. We appreciate your patience though!

    Regarding lag - where area of the world do you live and what server(s) are you trying to connect to?[/box]
    Forum Thread

    [box]We're looking at the reported issues with ranked games. Some problems may be related to the demand and we added A LOT of servers this weekend to help....and more are on the way.

    We are totally focused on making Frontlines the best experience possible for our fans - and with your help and feedback we will!

    Thanks for your patience and support everyone.[/box]
    Forum Thread
    and from our forums:

    Originally posted by Edmar
    Originally posted by The Bladed Fish
    Well, I am actually trying to connect to EU servers because I live in europe, but I still get the "Server is no longer available" thing. So I have to connect to servers with lag. It is not your lag department's fault, just your connecting department.
    There are actually 2 fixes for the "game session is no longer available" message. One is being deployed now (on Europe servers by tomorrow morning) and the second is being worked on right now...

    Hang in there! :)
    Originally posted by Edmar
    Originally posted by xEisenhorn
    If its a svr side problem and the svrs are being patched, how will this help with user created games ? Or are the problems stemmed from ppl trying to connect to ranked games and then the msg just getting stuck when you join on any game ?

    Glad to see this problem being worked on, just wondering is all :)
    Some players are reporting that if they sign out and then back in they are able to join unranked servers again - that is what we're investigating now.



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