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can you be in more then 1 clan in games?

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  • can you be in more then 1 clan in games?

    Just wondering... in games like GRAW2, CoD4, and probably Vegas 2... can you be in more then one "clan", in game I mean...

    The reason I asked is because most of these games allow for easy set up and get into for a "clan"... We have about 6 SimHQ members and 3 Tactical Gamer members that play together on a regular basis... without interfering with a clan group or there tags or anything like that... I was wondering if creating a clan called "Joint Gamer Force", where a number of other clan members can be signed up in with there own tags and all... that way a simple invite to all "clan members", or a "clan match" can be set up quickly and conveniently.

    Just wondering if possible.
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    Re: can you be in more then 1 clan in games?

    In COD4 you can change your clan tag in real-time. I play on GameBattle, NxGamers, and with a couple of different groups from 2old2play. So, I change my tag as needed. It's just a bunch of letters and isn't linked to any sort of clan data base.

    Heck, members of clans will even change their tag to silly things (eg [BEER]) between matches on public servers. On GB we don't do that (against the rules in fact). So, for example, I might play as [2o2p] for the first part of the evening and then go into a GB match as [UD]. When I play solo online I usually delete my tag in COD4.

    But on GameBattles you can't play on multiple teams on the same ladder or in the same tourney. For example, if we can get a TG clan going for COD4 I would need to leave my current GB clan to join the TG team for the COD4 ladder.




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