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  • Commanders: Attack of Genos

    I have enjoyed some of the games available on Xbox LIVE Arcade and typically download demos of new releases that catch my eye. One of the more recent titles that Iíve tried is Commanders: Attack of the Genos, a turn-based tactical game with a futuristic sci-fi setting published by Sierra Online. The demo was a lot of fun and its gameplay reminded me of some of my favorite older turn-based games like East Front.

    Strategy games played in real-time seem a bit too hard for me to handle with a controller, but Commandersí turn-based action is perfect for the Xbox 360. Its graphics are polished with a retro look that set this game apart from many similar Arcade titles. There are 15 different units in game, ranging from infantry to armor to air assets, and a Commander unit that acts like a mobile command center with special features. The single-player campaign has 15 missions and each can be replayed to achieve a better score based on different categories, such as time and tactics.

    Commanders has three multiplayer modes: Versus, Team Play and Same-System Skirmish that can be played with up to three friends. While this isnít a game that is going to draw someone away from the more popular titles, it does seem to be one that would be great to play on a casual basis or as a break in the action. If you enjoy turn-based strategy games, I highly recommend this title and believe its demo provides enough gameplay to make a decision as to whether or not itís worth the Microsoft Points.


    I wouldn't mind having a Tactical Gamer or two to play with or against, of course!



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