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  • invitation and friends...

    Due to the fact that XBL does not separate friends by games they play, and to check and see if someone has played a game in the past to invite them takes a lot of blade and window opening... a number of us who regularly play together have come up with a invite not to hurt others feelings or waste time.

    If I was to start a GRAW2 session, instead of opening each friends profile to see who has the game, I simply would invite all the friends I have currently online. (wish they had a "invite all" button.)

    If your interested in playing, just accept the invite and your in.

    If you are not interested, playing something else, or have to leave soon or whatever... then simply ignore it. You do not need to reply with an explanation, this takes time from the inviter, because he has to open up your explanation message read it and delete or reply to it.

    So, don't get your feelings hurt if I or anyone else don't accept or reply to your invite.

    This will ensure faster get in and play time, along with ease of invites....

    This goes for all the games.

    BTW...OT... a number of us still get together every Saturday around Noon Eastern for co-op gameplay, We mostly play GRAW2 (with all the map packs), and CoD4, and Vegas 2 should be big when released...along with a couple other games.

    If interested make sure you have me in your friends list, and I'll send an invite if your online.

    any other etiquettes we should be aware of or agree upon?

    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.

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    Re: invitation and friends...

    This sounds like a great idea. Just for me in particular, don't expect me to respond to an invite. If I'm playing online, it's with my PCX guys. But if we're low on numbers and I see someone on CoD4, I'll invite you for posterities sake. You don't have to bring much to hang with the PCX guys. Just be wary of DethLock (Paul). He's real good, but bitches more than I do.


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      Re: invitation and friends...

      I endorse this! sometimes i am just getting a quick round in or jones'n for some single player game, don't be upset if i don't reply to your invite, also i do not get upset when someone does not reply to mine. :)


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        Re: invitation and friends...

        This sounds like a great way to handle invitations for gaming sessions on the Xbox 360. It makes things easier for the player who is starting a session without adding any pressure to those that cannot participate for one reason or another. This also keeps the arrangement, promotion and discussion of sessions to the forums, which seems like the perfect place for lengthier communications and will also keep the whole community involved in the process.




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