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  • Tired of CoD4...

    Just my opinion, don't expect most to agree... but after playing last night and this AM, I am tired of this game... I looked at my stats and yes I've only played 1 day and 35 minutes (24 hrs, 30 mins)... but I don't have time to invite in one game... not that there is nothing wrong with that, more power to you if you've played it so much your on your second prestige rank, Me... I'm only working on my Major cluster still. I am glad people got there monies worth from this game, but now... if your new to CoD4, or don't play as much, like me... your screwed in the MP depart met.

    1. I've played through the SP campaign twice, it was great... but I've tried doing it "one more time' and can't, it's now boring.

    2. Almost everyone online has been playing a ton, and a ridiculously high rank, so for a new guy or a weekend warrior to play this game, your nothing but a target.

    3. Again, the maps are way to small for any true tactics or teamwork... clearly made for a run and gun type of play.

    4. Re spawns are a joke, I don't know how many times I've re spawned in front and behind the enemy just yards away.

    5. Damn kids kick my ass, I don't know how many times I've been moving from cover to cover up to a target, then engage, and watch him spin around while moving and shoot me dead while just my head is sticking up, from a kneel position. The game doesn't reward for any type of cover use, it all depends on your speed and trigger pull, along with the ridiculous perks.

    6. Speaking of perks, I really like the idea, makes for a custom character... I can understand speed reload, because in the real world you could train and be alot faster on the that is a good perk, along with extra nades, ammo, etc etc... but to poop a nade upon death...rediculous... I could see if you had it in hand that being a good perk, or even maybe randomly 1 out of 5 times dropping one, but every time... or the last stand, a good perk, but every time? should be randomly 1 out of 5 times maybe it works.

    7. And then, with the new kill cam footage, people playing the weaknesses of the game, running around with a M203 and shooting you with a nade 5 feet away, that should not work unless the round travels a certain distance... and I'm not talking using it once or twice, watching people use it as there primary.

    8. And then Hardcore mode... I've renamed that lame mode, because theres noting hardcore about it... the only thing it does is take away tools need to work as a team or with what tactics you can muster... I played in a few hardcore mode games, 8 out of 10 people hide somewhere and kill who walks by...the whole game... theres no map, map... but no compass to call a direction to your teammates where fire is coming from or whatever... Hardcore mode is extremely boring to play.

    9. and finally... damn kids playing the game and ruining what comms or teamwork there is. I don't know how many times I've said "2 contacts upper balcony SouthWest... I'm suppression, move in on there flank" and get a laughter with comments like "what kind of loser are you, it's just a game dude", "oh my god are you some kind of fag"... lol...seriously, sometime more intense words then that, mostly from 10 to 14 year olds who are talking about how they skipped school, or how they shot that dude in the head and saw brain matter"... oh but not just kids, obvious adults who like to make sure you know you suck... "Magnum you really suck dude, all those rounds and you didn't get him"... I just smile and think... "if you only knew that I did this stuff in real life, while you play a game". lol

    anyway... it was great while it lasted, and I will definitely keep CoD4 for maybe a good map pack release or something, just got to play them before everyone learns every corner of it, lol...

    I always have GRAW2, and R6 Vegas 2... at least they have other game modes fro a team of friends vs AI...along with force on force. ;)

    Just my 2 cent opinion on the state of CoD4. ;)
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    Re: Tired of CoD4...

    Come join us with the PC version on the TRM server. We are equal when it comes to rank and weapons, plus I think you will like the realism.

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      Re: Tired of CoD4...

      I know the feeling. I want something that has the community as BF2 did when I played here at TG but with ease the of Live. :)
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        Re: Tired of CoD4...

        Im fine with CoD4. I play Hardcore S&D, it gets annoying sometime but it takes away spawn camping and getting kille dwith a M203 from two feet away. I will be happy once R6V2 comes out though.

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