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  • One Man On Guard!!!

    So today I found a new way of guarding a position all by yourself. Some may call this cheating but when your all alone against 5 hostiles, and win, I call it product placement, HA or just having a lot of toys and running all of them at one time...

    Okay here we go

    First off choose spec ops as your load out, then select drones and then you pick the location you want to defend while the rest of your team tries to captures the rest of the positions.

    Second (after responding) run up to the flag, computer, smoke, what ever... Place your C4 around the flag (2 should do just fine). Then make tracks and find a place to hide for a bit.

    Third, select you heli, and get that bad boy airborne and get it high and out of sight, then go back to your player. This will give you a visual of all the incoming threats around you and place them on your map.

    Fourth, Grab one or both of your other tank drones and deploy them and locate them on the other end of your position (preferably somewhere where hostile threats can come from behind and wipe your position out before you can get over there. Then go back to your player.

    Fifth, find a place to watch over your position with your spec ops rifle and play the waiting game.

    So if your opponents come from any direction you should be able to see them on your map, and if you can get to them in time they should be around one or two of your other drones and if all else fails the C4 you placed at the flag will a really bad end to all their efforts.
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    Re: One Man On Guard!!!

    i dont think thats cheating i think its in depth thinking and makin it work lol


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      Re: One Man On Guard!!!

      awesome strategy and nice writeup! you could do this with multiple people as well... each player gets a role and you have multiple layers of C4 on the flag!!!


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        Re: One Man On Guard!!!

        Wow, smart thinking. Ill be sure to use that in lets say ummm 5 minutes when i hope on the box..............THANKS!




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