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    So, technically this could go into PS2/3 discussion and (soon hopefully) Wii as well. Unfortunately, there's really no forum for console general discussion.

    As a Guitar Hero starting from the original on, the only version I don't own is "Rock the 80's" because I pawned my PS2 for booze money after getting Guitar Hero 2 for 360. But, I can still comment because my brother owns it.

    Anyways, for every Guitar Hero, there seems to be certain "go-to" songs, and those dreadful ones you cannot stand to play under any circumstances. Here, I will explain to you mine and hope to hear from other players.

    Guitar Hero
    Ah the original, nothing quite like it. Sometimes it's hard to differentiate between the versions, but I remember a lot from this game as it was here I made the jump to "hard" difficulty. I started out on medium as Easy was just flat-out boring. For a while, I would compete with my friends on medium, winning some, losing some.

    Once I made the jump to hard, I was winning constantly as they couldn't handle the 5th fret. While there were many song I enjoyed in this game, by far my two favorite songs were "More than a feeling" and "Take it Off" on Hard difficulty. Very fun to play and engaging songs as well.

    The best part about Guitar Hero is that there was no song I absolutely dreaded (unlike later versions). Even songs that completely wasted me were still enjoyable (Bark at the Moon). All in all a great way to start the series.

    Guitar Hero II
    My favorite Guitar Hero to date. The PS2 version had a serious issues with difficulty scaling (Tonight I'm going to Rock you Tonight in the first setlist? WTF?").

    The 360 version fixed this quite well with some shuffling, but the game always did feel like a rushed port of the PS2 version, which wasn't really a bad thing.

    Easily, my favorite song to play was Sweet Child of Mine on Hard or Expert. Expert would still put me down pretty hard on this game, but I played SCoM so much, it didn't matter. It came down to really just learning the song. It's a great song in it's own right, but it also extremely fun to play as well. Carry on my Wayward son was a close second. I still load this game up to play these songs. Freebird bears mentioning, but it's just a masochistic song on expert, I can't afford the frustration of going back to hard.

    Also easy to list is my most hated songs: Heart Shaped Box takes number 1. Mainly because Nirvana sucks. Every aspect of Nirvana is just garbage: the singing, guitar playing, lyrics, you name it. Nirvana is (was) a blight on the music industry and nothing you say will ever convince me otherwise. If this wasn't bad enough, you have to realize: I was just learning to play expert when I got Guitar Hero II. 3 stars were standard with MAYBE a 4 star in there somewhere along the way.

    I say this with all seriousness: the first time I played "Heart Shaped Box" on Expert, I 5 starred it by only missing like 5 notes. And this is even after Harmonix artificially upped the difficulty after adding extra notes I know are not in the real song (yea, I may hate Nirvana, but I was a stupid High School kid at one point in my life).

    Oh and Freya: please die. I hate you. I've never heard anything else by "The Sword" but if any other song they make drags on half as much as Freya, then they can all burn in Hell. This is where I hit a wall on Expert. Playing the same set of badly played notes over and over again would just blow my arm out after 2 minutes and I'd lose my rhythm and fail the song.

    Guitar Hero: Rock the 80's
    I can't tell you too much about this game as I only played it for three days while my brother was out of town and I was house-sitting while his bathroom was being remodeled. But seriously, Turning Japanese: Awesome. It's worth 50 bucks just based on how much you will play this one song.

    Guitar Hero III
    By far the weakest Guitar Hero. Mainly because the difficulty ramped so hard once you get past Medium. I seriously think Neversoft just wanted to show us casual GH players that we aren't good enough to play their game. Just look at the Acheivements list. It's worse than Gears of War's "Get 10,000 kills" or some other such stupidity. CoD4 had it right, leave the hard-core stuff for MP and make it separate from the SP.

    "The Escapist" summed this up pretty well: you hit a wall after like the 4-5th set list. My 5 stars dropped to 3 stars maybe, with failure rampant on Expert. I finally beat the game on hard, but it was no where near enjoyable. I want an option other than "Use the 5th fret and suffer pain." How about something like Rock Band? Hard songs aren't easy, but they aren't kicking your butt. They save that for some of the Expert songs towards the end of the setlist.

    So, it was either deal with it or go back to playing with 4 frets. Neversoft, learn from other console devs: sure, CoD4 on Hardened and Halo 2 on Heroic were hard, but they left the pure masochism for the hardest difficulty. I enjoyed beating Halo 2 on Heroic. Then I took a deep breath and got ready for the pain of beating in on Legendary.

    Songs of Note: "When you were Young." I was dancing a jig when I saw that this was released with Rock Band as well. It's nothing too difficult, but I just love it for some reason. "Welcome to the Jungle" bears mentioning, but it is no where near my favorite Guns N Roses song.

    "Rock you Like a Hurricane" always reminds me of Carl: "I don't need know manual to know how to ROCK!" Seriously fun song, though the opening intro still kicks my butt.

    Hated Songs: "Cherub Rock." Seriously, if you're going to include crappy bands like Smashing Pumpkins, at least include some of their "better" songs. "Paranoid:" Yes you heard me. As an Ozzy fan, this may seem crazy, but Paranoid just sounds like crap. It wasn't meant as a recorded song, it was meant to be heard live. The singing is muted as is the guitar licks. Seriously, this song just sucks both to listen to and play.

    I could hammer out more about Guitar Hero III, but it was really just a place-holder for me until the "True" GHIII came out: Rock Band. Thankfully, I didn't have to wait long.

    Conclusion: I was going to write up some stuff on Rock Band, but I quickly realized that I was dragging on like a "The Sword" song in this post and figured Rock Band could take up another 5 pages on it's own. I don't see good things coming from Neversoft with the Guitar Hero series. Rock Band has pretty much supplanted it and for good reason as these are who I view are the true owners of the series (Harmonix). They know how to balance skill with enjoyment, and it's a lesson Neversoft should learn.

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    Re: Guitar Hero Round up

    Guitar hero: world tour was announced. Looks to be promising with remix the song as you see fit feature.
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