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IL2 coming to console! (trailer)

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  • IL2 coming to console! (trailer)

    My questions:

    1. Are they dummying it down for the consoles?

    2. Is there a cockpit view?

    3. Will that stick for the other arcade flight game be supported?

    4. Will there be A2G missions?

    5. And what is the MP aspect, vs, co-op, both?

    But I have hope, the trailer looks good.
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    Re: IL2 coming to console! (trailer)

    Oh man, I sure I hope they don't mess it up. IL2 is such an awesome game. I would imagine it being similar to Aces High but I've been wrong before. It's just on my pc I have TrackIR, my HOTAS setup, rudder pedals, etc.... I just don't see that same kind of immersion available for consoles. Again, I hope I'm wrong.

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      Re: IL2 coming to console! (trailer)

      Sounds promising... as long as it doesn't turn out to be Blazing Angels 3, lol


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        Re: IL2 coming to console! (trailer)

        The game certainly looks amazing.

        Never having played it's PC counterpart (or predecessor, as it may be), but having piqued my interest in it being a combat flight sim, I certainly hope that this follows suite. One can only hope to have an actual sim game on the consoles, at some point, sooner preferable to later.

        I also hope that it does indeed include a cockpit view, since I now almost exclusively use this view with vehicles in games that have the option to use it.




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