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    One of my most favorite moments in video gaming happened this AM, sure it was with an arcade racer, but man was it an exciting and hard fought victory... Sure, I know most of you will say "so", thats OK... for me, it's another great gaming moment, and other video to add to my collection...

    It's a 6 lap race against 11 others, in the Derby racing event in GRID. Fantastic race, if it only did derby racing it would still be a winner, but GRID is much more and makes it a very good, exciting, and fun arcade racer... It's nice to just get in and race, and have fun.

    The video is just under 200 MB's, 3.5 mins, but recorded in HiDef... I was the last remaining racer by the last 2 laps, but the first 4 were incredible, and lucky... (the dead middle is the best incident).

    (recommend you right click and save as for stutter free viewing)

    GRID is out for the 360, PS3, and the PC (store, direct2drive, and steam), a great, fun game to get for that after work stress release. IMO.
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