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  • TVersity Media Server.

    Now I don't have a XBox 360 yet but I had a friend of mine test this out on his and it works fine.

    Having a D-Link Media Server and a Wii in my living room, a PS3 in my office, a pocket pc and a laptop when I am out and about I have found Tversity to be a great and free media server program that works with almost everything.

    You can set it up to stream your movies, pictures and music.

    You can check it out over at

    They are supposed to be coming out with their latest version at the end of this month but the current version works great.

    My PS3 found the TVersity media server no problems and works great with all my movies. I have tested it on the Wii and it works as well. Not as smooth as the PS3 and you have to go through the internet browser but it does work. I have also tested it through a PSP that I borrowed as well as my D-Link DSM 520 Media Player.

    TVersity can also play Internet feeds and pod casts. It also has a great Tagging system that allows you to tag your videos by any means you like. Genre, Actor, Year or however you may want to categorize your media.

    Well just thought I would share that and hope it helps some out. Any questions feel free to ask.

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    Re: TVersity Media Server.

    Thx for the info... it does sound like it can do more with the tagging and pod cast and all but the Xbox 360 has most of that all built in... it comes with media extender that reads your PC files lets you listen to music, watch your videos, and see your pics...also has a bunch of online features like song browsing and buying.

    So, what I'm saying is... 360 owners, you have an option... the 360 has alot of unknown stuff and tools built in, or you can try the outside programs like shady has said.
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      Re: TVersity Media Server.

      Yup Shady hooked me up with this and it works flawlessly I just havn't figured out why TVersity will not stream MPEG-4 stuff correctly with my setup. Maybe after the fall update it will be ok.


      Big thanks to Shady for helping me out on this. Had fun bro!!!!


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        Re: TVersity Media Server.

        Don't listen to Quest Shady. Curse him.

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          Re: TVersity Media Server.

          I don't have media center or vista, but I use Tversity to connect to my PC with the 360. I have Tversity stream music, video, pics, etc. A great piece of software. The power of torrents, anime, and Tversity is powerful for those who don't like sitting in front of a PC to watch your anime. :)
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