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New Map - The Boneyard

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  • New Map - The Boneyard

    So Kaos have had somewhat a fit of productivity this week, with the new patch and now a new map released.

    I've only managed to play one whole match on Boneyard so far, but here's what I know.

    Based on the single player level where you get hit in the tanks and then have to attack the rocket thing, it's a somewhat shallow basin with several large towers suitable for cowards, I mean er, snipers. That's all I can remember really, because most of the time I was too busy flying the transport helicopter, man it's good to see this thing finally be a useful as it deserves to be. Which brings me neatly to my real point.

    I'd really like more people from TG that have the game play, and I'd particularly like to have a go at forming a half=decent squad that can use this armed-to-the teeth beast (whale) to its full potential.

    The following may seem a little obvious, but I'm, well, a little obvious myself...

    I really see this vehicle as a dual function support vehicle. It's primary function being to transport squad leaders, and therefore their squads as they spawn on them to the points on the battlefield they need to be most, then to provide good covering fire to support the squad just dropped off to cap the point.

    So what I'm trying to get at is I'm looking for a couple of TG players who'd be willing to have an attempt at working as a transport heli squad and see if we can get it to work.

    - See if we can drop off squads and support them effectively.
    - Maximize our survivability, a transport that can stay alive at the very least saves tickets, and will also have the added bonus of annoying the opposition no end.

    Heck, we may literally crash and burn, but I just wanna find out!

    Anyone interested.

    Finally, an apology. This doesn't read very well but I'm tired.


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    Re: New Map - The Boneyard

    Nice video...

    I hated this upon release, limited comms, .50 cal bullet to the head and they get back up...etc etc... but I hear it's been greatly improved, so how is it now? worth picking back up or negative on that?

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      Re: New Map - The Boneyard

      I wish I would have purchased this on 360 instead of PC. The 360 demo was better anyway.
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