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After Action Report: 07 August 2008

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  • After Action Report: 07 August 2008

    Magnum50 and a member of SimHQ that I’ve enjoyed playing with before started Thursday off in the afternoon with some great matches of Terrorist Hunt. It reminded me just how fun R6V2 can be with other tactically minded gamers. Each time we lost our concentration and decided to do something stupid, we paid for it dearly in a member’s death.

    Kill House Dark is the only map I’ve yet to finish on realistic and it was a no-go for our group as well. Despite trying to clear it several times, we only got down to a handful of terrorists once or twice. We tried clearing upstairs of the spawn, which seemed to never go well for me, heading left, clearing center, heading high right, you name it. While a fun map in the daytime, this is just a nightmare in the dark for some reason.

    Later in the evening, Delta and I warmed up with a few more matches of Terrorist Hunt. Despite his constant desire to hit the B button (sprint in Call of Duty 4, but grenade toss in R6V2), we got through a few missions on our own. Of course, while providing overwatch, I recorded only my second team kill, as I unloaded on a terrorist and hit Delta in the back.

    Calvin and tHa_KhAn joined us to run down the list of maps. We had some great matches and should have gotten Delta far along in his quest to complete them all on Realistic. One memorable moment was a terrorist taking out both Calvin and me with a single shotgun blast. He thought I had the corner covered and I figured he did, so a bit of miscommunication got us both killed within seconds. I forgot Streets is a downloadable map, so tHa_KhAn and Delta got dropped toward the end of the night. Calvin and I finished up a last map, having to repeat it three or four times, and called it a session.

    Overall, a great day of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 action on the Xbox 360 for members of TG.

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    Re: After Action Report: 07 August 2008

    Good times last night. We had the two man team thing down. So much more fun playing tactical than just bumbling through with pubbies.

    I remember that shotgun blast, I head the single blast saw 2 death messages and wondered WTF. I need to go download the other maps. Sorry for inadvertently deciding we would no longer be silent a few times, I would forget that the LMG is my first weapon selection.
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      Re: After Action Report: 07 August 2008

      Hehe, in those couple seconds we were looking at that tango i kept wondering whether or not you were gonna shoot/I should shoot... I didn't want to pull the trigger only to see you slide into my crosshairs a second too late!




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