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After Action Report: 09 August 2008

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  • After Action Report: 09 August 2008

    Saturday, 08 August, brought another great session of R6V2 for members of the community. Delta, Magnum50, Positive G from SimHQ, and I played several Terrorist Hunt missions. The highlight for me being the successful completion of the Mudertown Dark map. This was the only map I had yet to finish and one that alluded us earlier in the week. After a few attempts at clearing the buildings from below, we split our team up into two parts and tackled things a bit differently. Magnum50 and Delta provided overwatch from balconies as Positive G and I moved below to stir up the pot. It was a huge success and I really enjoyed the constant communication between Magnum50 and I as we worked together on our side of the map.

    We ran through a lot of maps, playing together for close to two hours, and each one required constant teamwork and sound tactics on our team’s part. Anytime we left a door unguarded, someone got too far ahead of the group, or we failed to keep a rear guard, some terrorist always seemed to pop up to deal some serious damage. While we seemed to be a little discombobulated in the beginning, by the third or fourth mission we started really gelling together as a team.

    Terrorist Hunt is a fantastic game mode, so feel free to join the next session and experience tactical gameplay on the Xbox 360.

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    Re: After Action Report: 09 August 2008

    Agreed, fantastic games. By the way, Pfeil, is that Achievement real? o.o

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    Delta: I don't have a crowbar.
    Atomic Dog: Hit it with the dog!

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      Re: After Action Report: 09 August 2008

      Originally posted by Delta View Post
      By the way, Pfeil, is that Achievement real? o.o
      No, I found a neat achievement generator online:





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