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Newsletter - August 2008

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  • Newsletter - August 2008

    Ubisoft has published a newsletter for R6V2 this month. It includes information about the Scavenger Hunt, an opportunity to play with one of the game’s developers, and the HELP website. If you missed it, here are a few highlights:

    Originally posted by Ubisoft


    Got Vegas skills? We’re offering you the opportunity to play with LevelUp, Ubisoft’s official Community Developer for Rainbow Six® Vegas 2 on XBOX Live®.

    How to play with LevelUp:

    Under PLAYER MATCH, search for the GamerTag "UBI LevelUp" at the bottom left corner of the Custom Search screen. Please do not send Friend Requests and ask for an invite.

    :Click Here For More Information and Rules!
    Originally posted by Ubisoft


    Whether you’re a Recruit or an Elite Operative, The Official Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Vegas 2 HELP website is sure to provide you with the best tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere else; direct from the source! Have you been using the Reload Cancel technique? Did you know that Thermal Vision can detect heat through thin wood and sheet metal? Be sure to check out the HELP page today for:
    • Multiplayer Tip Videos!
    • Downloadable & Printable Schematics of Multiplayer Maps, direct from the Dev Team!
    • Complete Story Walkthrough by Ubisoft’s very own ComDev: "LevelUp"!
    • Checklist for Ranks and A.C.E.S.!
    • Detailed descriptions of all Achievements and Awards!
    • Website developed with all platforms in mind!
    • Updated with Fan Pack assets!

    :Best of all... FREE ACCESS at

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    Re: Newsletter - August 2008

    good info... but i want to know if and when were going to get some damn new maps... I've played the heck out of all the current ones, getting boring now.
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      Re: Newsletter - August 2008

      I haven’t found anything official about new maps and have to wonder what Ubisoft is thinking by not releasing at least the Red and Black Packs from the original for R6V2. While still in the top ten on Xbox LIVE, they could release a map or two each week and build some more momentum for the game. Their forums are full of complaints about the PC version, but the Xbox 360 edition is a solid installment, albeit not the tactical title many of us would have liked to see from the series.

      However, they did recently release three maps with the Fan Pack. Two are simply nighttime versions, but Calypso Casino is a nice addition to the rotation. It’s funny, but because of the horrible enemy AI before the recent patch, I don’t think many of us have seen much of the existing maps. I know Clodhopper was amazed to discover the patio area on Villa and I’ve been exploring new parts of Presidio that I hadn’t seen before. Adversarial matches are a whole different ballgame and I’m still lost sometimes.

      I don’t doubt that enthusiasm for Terrorist Hunt might eventually die. If we could every get enough members together for some Versus matches, hoever, R6V2 might have quite a long shelf life within the community. Perhaps a small challenge with SimHQ or another tactically-minded community would stir some interest.




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