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Pfeil22's Pit - FM2 Screenshots

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  • Pfeil22's Pit - FM2 Screenshots

    Welcome to my pit!

    I spent a little time on Saturday playing Forza Motorsports 2 in preparation of the upcoming endurance race and managed to upload a few pictures of my favorite cars in my garage.

    2005 Scion tC

    This was the car that started my racing career. I used it as a test model to learn about upgrades and tuning within the game. Sadly, I never got around to painting it.

    2006 Saturn ION Red Line

    I own a Saturn L300, so this was a natural selection for me. It won a lot of races for me as it made its way from a D to an A class. Iíve pretty much upgraded everything I can on it and have spent quite a few hours tuning it just right. This will probably be my entry in Octoberís endurance race, though I need to settle on a paint job for it.

    1992 Volkswagon Golf GTi Mk2

    Clodhopper was nice enough to gift this one to me. It came with a custom paint job that resembled a rust bucket, but I decided to experiment with my artistic side and went with something a little sportier. This was also the car I used to attempt to qualify for my first online tournament.

    2003 Ford Focus SVT

    This one doesnít seem like your typical racer, but itís actually rather fast and handles like a charm. Itís the only one Iíve personally upgraded and tuned thatís qualified for a tournament. Unfortunately, I havenít gotten around to painting it.

    2004 Dodge #22 3R-Racing Viper Competition Coupe

    One of the big boys, this car was one I used in SimHQ Summer Series. I spent several hours tuning it to the specific track we were running that week and every minute paid off for me. This thing flew around turns and remains one of my favorite R class options.

    2007 Shelby GT500

    This car is simply a beast. It won the final race of the SimHQ Summer Series and I still havenít gotten all the kinks out of it. I figured a basic paintjob was fitting for such a classic model.

    Again, just a few of my favorites. My garage is actually getting rather full, as I work my way through the single player career and try to obtain all the cars from each country. I hope to add a few more favorites along the way.

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    Re: Pfeil22's Pit - FM2 Screenshots

    very nice...what car and class are you taking to the endurance race?
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      Re: Pfeil22's Pit - FM2 Screenshots

      My initial thought was the 2006 Saturn ION Red Line, which is an A class car, and I may end up sticking with it. However, I've been working my way through more of the Career mode and like a few models I've raced over the last week. In the end, I'll probably opt for something with more performance over power.


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        Re: Pfeil22's Pit - FM2 Screenshots

        Gah! What have you done to my sleeper?!


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          Re: Pfeil22's Pit - FM2 Screenshots

          Don't worry, Clodhopper. I saved the custom paintjob before slapping on the puke green and racing stripes. Its Canadian charm will return one day.


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            Re: Pfeil22's Pit - FM2 Screenshots

            I am in the process of collecting each car and had to resort to the auction house for one from the Asia region. It was cheap and came with a nifty design. I give you "The Hulk" on a 1998 Subura Impreza 22B STi:




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