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GRAW 2 Session 18 September

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  • GRAW 2 Session 18 September

    Clodhopper, Delta and I have been playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 together a lot over the last couple of weeks and have gotten into a routine of playing a couple of missions almost every night. Yesterday, Calvin joined the group and the four of us spent more than a few hours attempting the Ghost Town and Station Co-op missions. We ended up completing the first, after several botched attempts, but failed miserably at the later and decided to call it a night.

    The session was a blast and one of the best experiences I have had on the Xbox 360, so far. We kicked it old school without the drone, friend or foe indicators turned off, no revives, dead man silence and the enemy set at its hardest difficulty. The settings made for an extremely realistic scene and we certainly had our work cut out for us throughout the night. Ill hold off on discussing the missions themselves for now, but I can say Ghost Town has to be one of the hardest weve run into.

    If anyone is interested in joining us, please let one of us know and well make sure to send you an invite. We tend to play after 10:00PM EST and into the early morning. Depending on how many of us are playing on a particular night, we rotate between Co-op missions and elimination maps.

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    Re: GRAW 2 Session 18 September

    **** the ZEUS. "There won't be an APC here, that's a ridiculous assumption!". That's all I have to say.

    Atomic Dog: Do it, hit it with a crowbar!
    Delta: I don't have a crowbar.
    Atomic Dog: Hit it with the dog!

    Ednos: I just need to man up and get ready to have a testicle removed (which is what using Vista feels like)




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