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  • Guitar Hero, World Tour...

    Anyone else play Guitar Hero here, hey it could be argued that Guitar hero is a simulation, lol, you are simulating playing a guitar... I have all the versions released so far for Xbox 360... I've played them, but I suck and don't think I ever finished a song, on easy before i got boo'ed off the stage... but my 2 daughter play, and the oldest, 15, kicks ass in it... I just love to watch her play some of my favorite songs...

    Well anyway, Guitar Hero World Tour is coming 10/26, and i got my pre-order in.

    Team Xbox has a few videos of the making of, but my favorite is of Zakk Wylde... been a long time fan, and his music kicks ass... also Ozzy will be on this game and quite a few other big names.
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    Re: Guitar Hero, World Tour...

    This one will be on the top of my Christmas list. I played a demo of the Aerosmith version and loved it. My wife always laughs at me for playing air guitar to my favorite 80’s tunes, so Guitar Hero should be a no-brainer for her to pick up for me during the holidays.




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