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  • Fall Endurance Race AAR...

    Today at noon the green flag dropped for our first ever scheduled endurance race. 5 laps of the famed Nurburgring Nordschleife race track in Germany. The estimated average time of race was 1 hour, I think we finished in 50 plus minutes.

    The rules were that you could pick any car, except for race cars, any class A, B, C, D, or S car. Each class got a 30 second head start when the flag dropped from the next class.

    I figured this would be a boring race, with little to no contact, I was wrong... Johnny cue up the tape please...

    The Starting grid was Clodhopper and Khan in their class D cars. Magnum in his Class A Corvette, and Pfeil in his class S Ford 50.

    Clod and Khan hit the accelerator:

    Clodhoppers souped up classic VW, still for sale BTW:

    Khan's class D Ford, (this was Khans first online race, just getting the game recently, welcome to the grid Khan):

    1 min and 30 seconds, magnum gets the green light, 30 seconds later followed by Pfeil:

    I'm moving along on the first lap in 3rd position, just minding my own business:

    Pfeil quickly catches up, but wait a turn ahead, we all know we should slow down for a turn BEFORE entering the turn:

    Hey, what the hell was that, it's only the first lap and it's an endurance race:

    This is me fish tailing after the illegal rear end:

    I regain control, and a short time later Pheil passes:

    Pfeil pits:

    So we continue on, Khan has taken some damage, Pfeil and I both pass him:

    So we continue on some more, last 2 laps are here, Clodhopper with his lean mean racing machine is still in the lead, but he has to pit soon (gas and tires):

    Lap 4 I believe, 1st place Clod followed by 2nd place Pfeil move into the pits:

    Pfeil has won the pit race, comes out in 1st, Clod in 2nd:

    So thats how it goes, with all the trouble Pfeil caused, he takes first place:

    And Clodhopper finishes in second place, very respectable with a class D:

    Magnum brings in third, and Khan brings in forth.

    Great race guys... good job, till next time. (I'm watching you Pfeil!)
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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    Re: Fall Endurance Race AAR...

    Awesome write up... I'm still in stitches!

    That Pfeil... you gotta watch him. Even after the fact, he still tries to sabotage the competition with his car parts laying all over the track!

    lol.. thanks guys, that was a hoot!


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      Re: Fall Endurance Race AAR...

      I had a lot of fun racing with everyone. The endurance portion was as good as I imagined it would be and the casual laps afterward were a blast. Magnum can complain all he wants, but I still beat him with an 11+ first lap and having to pit twice. I thought he braked out of nowhere and the screenshot clearly shows he’s not even on the proper line to make the upcoming gradual turn. If he didn’t drive like an old lady, maybe he wouldn’t have received the little rub on his rear bumper.


      Clodhopper’s call to get into a pair of American muscle cars for one of the additional races was fantastic. There’s nothing like the sound of a vintage Corvette buzzing around the track. It was also great to have Khan join us and I hope the four of us can convince a few other gamers to race in the next event. In fact, I think we should make this a monthly thing and switch up tracks and cars each race.


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        Re: Fall Endurance Race AAR...

        A monthly endurance race would be great!

        I say next time around, we all use factory classic muscle cars (what can I say? I LOVE the classics! Never get much chance to race them outside the singleplayer game). That would be an incredible race!


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          Re: Fall Endurance Race AAR...

          I'll try to get some more drive time. That endurance race was great, can't wait to do it again. Great Job on the AAR Magnum, thanx for including the noob in some shots. I only had a few hours of practice time prior to this race and if I hadn't asked the stupid questions about checking tires then wrecked while reading the info I would have had a clean race. Take Magnum's advice, telemetry readings on long straights only.
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