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I'm still here, just busy...

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  • I'm still here, just busy...

    Sorry I haven't been on XBL in a while, mostly for our S3 events... I do plan on getting back to our games maybe when Far Cry 2 is released...

    Last couple of weeks been very busy playing PC games and writing articles, like for Steel Fury and WW2 Battle Tanks, along with the PC version of BiA:HH and Crysis Wars.

    Still, almost every Sunday before Football starts at 1, around 11 AM Eastern I usually play a round of golf, if interested be online for a invite, but not a "scheduled" event, just when we can.

    I see 4 TG members on XBL right now, all playing different games, lol, what the hell?

    Grid, NHL 09, FM2, and GRAW2.

    See ya.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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    Re: I'm still here, just busy...

    I don't see you inviting anyone to anything...:icon_razz


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      Re: I'm still here, just busy...

      Clodhopper and I were alone for quite a few hours. I asked him about playing GRAW 2, but he wanted to finish a derby in GRID. It's been too long since we've had a decent multiplayer session and I certainly miss playing with everyone.


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        Re: I'm still here, just busy...

        I end up playing a lot of split screen COOP R6V2 with my friends that come over. That and I guess we're a diverse crowd. I've been squeezing in more of my NCAA 09 season.

        I know we have some FM2 set for November, but I'd be down for a less formal FM2 get together or some Vegas 2.
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