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December FM2 Event - (Discussion)

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  • December FM2 Event - (Discussion)

    The Classics Cup was a huge success, so let’s keep the momentum and discuss our next Forza Motorsports 2 event. I think the three race format was great and it lasted just about an hour, which seems perfect for everyone. Our first suggestion was to hold a regional event with B and C class cars. So, let’s work out the details and find a good time for everyone to participate before the upcoming holidays.

    I’ll throw out an example…

    Tactical Gamer’s Import Cup
    Race 1: B Class Asian – 5 laps
    Race 2: B Class European – 5 laps
    Race 3: C Class Imports (Asian or European) – 8 laps

    We can try to find tracks from each specific region or go with a few we enjoy as a group.

    I suggest holding it on 13 December to avoid getting too close to Christmas.

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    Re: December FM2 Event - (Discussion)

    How about we add some Horsepower restrictions to this? The game options allow it in multiplayer, so it's totally feasible!

    For example: 350 HP restriction on B-Class cars. This would regulate the power of all the cars on the track while also allowing us to customize our cars to our personal needs. Everyone's car would be putting out the same amount of power, but we wouldn't be running factory specs.

    Now, in this game (at least, with my game... perhaps it differs if you're playing with or without metric settings), Horsepower is measured in Kilowatts (kW). So the 350 HP would translate into 261kW. While you're upgrading your car, press Y to toggle the stats on the right-side of the screen. Your cars current kWs will be shown there, so the information is right there as you upgrade your car.

    Here is a straightforward conversion calculator for this. Clicky!

    For fear that I've made this sound more difficult than it is, try the singleplayer "Semi-Pro" races and give it a spin. Really fun! It's how I got accustomed to tuning.


    Another idea, totally and completely different idea, I've got would be a street-racer match-up. Keep the same restrictions said above (okay, not so different then!), but also restrict everyone to street parts (performance upgrades are in categories; street, sport and race. Each part is labeled.) and NO "Forza" aerodynamics. That means body-kits and spoilers are allowed, just not the ones you can tune.

    This is kind of what I had in mind... Fast and the Furious, if you will :row__642:



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      Re: December FM2 Event - (Discussion)

      The date works for me since I have class and a Christmas party the next weekend.
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        Re: December FM2 Event - (Discussion)

        I like your idea, Clodhopper. Restrictions on horsepower might be a better choice and help even the field more than Performace Index. How about the following?

        Tactical Gamer's Semi-Pro Cup
        Race 1: 200 HP - 4 laps
        Race 2: 300 HP - 6 laps
        Race 3: 400 HP - 8 laps

        This would allow everyone to drive pretty much whatever they want and tune it to their liking, so long as it fits within each race's restriction. For example, someone could opt for a pure 300 HP model and just tune it a bit or select something with less power and upgrade the engine. We could end up having some fantastic combinations and this series would give us an idea of everyone's preferences in cars and style of racing.


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          Re: December FM2 Event - (Discussion)

          Paints a little rough, but I think Ive got a car for this...


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            Re: December FM2 Event - (Discussion)

            It would be great to have you race with us, PANCHO.


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              Re: December FM2 Event - (Discussion)

              as long as the cars can be stock from the game, i don't paint, upgrade or tune cars.... "they told me to get into the race and i did:. lol
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                Re: December FM2 Event - (Discussion)

                I'd still say keeping with the P.I. restrictions, just to make things interesting.
                Race 1: C-Class 250 HP
                Race 2: B-Class 350 HP
                Race 3: A-Class 450 HP

                And welcome to the frey PANCHO. Great car, reminds me of my little beast (duct tape is starting to tatter...)! :row__642:

                You can also use the cars you've won in the arcade mode/Time trials/singleplayer Magnum. There are lots of the ready-tuned cars that fit these categories.


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                  Re: December FM2 Event - (Discussion)

                  I like it, Clodhopper. The following tracks might make good choices for each race:

                  Race 1: Tsukuba
                  Race 2: Maple Valley
                  Race 3: Sunset Infield

                  I'd like to see us extend these to six laps. Three seems too short and I'm not sure we're ready to push to eight just yet. Any last suggestions before we post an announcement?


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                    Re: December FM2 Event - (Discussion)

                    It looks like we are a go for the next event. I'll post an announcement thread tomorrow.




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