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  • FEAR 2 Review by DESODE

    Well, after, spending a couple of days with Fear 2 on the 360, I'm ready to give you my review.

    Fear 2 is actually the third game in the Fear franchise. There was the unknown Fear Perseus Mandate that was in between fear 1 and 2. I actually loved the single player in Fear 1 and that was my main reason for getting this one. My main complaint with FEAR was the levels just got to repetitive, however the last couple levels where truly amazing.

    Fear 2 has fixed this and I must say the SP is one of the most polished SP games I have played in a long time. The graphics are really mind blowing at times. The special effects and ghostly spectres you encounter are nothing short of movie quality. The game keeps things fresh and you have to play past 2 levels before you get your slow motion button. I thought this was a nice change because it forces you to get used to playing at full speed and that lets you enjoy the blazing intesity that is this SP work of art. The story line is really good and I actually found myself collecting every little scrap of intel spread through the levels, just so I could get more insight into the story. There are also Power suits/ Mech's that you can now control and they are really pretty amazing and it adds a whole new feel to FEAR that keeps things fresh and interesting.

    I was upset to see that there are no customizable controls, but the controls are pretty much Battlefield Bad company to a T. As for the feel of the controls and smoothness. They have been tweaked since the previous Fear and are as smooth as butter. I was very impressed with how well they are done. The Dev's have also added a cool feature that enables you to create cover out of the enviorment. You can be walking in a hospital and get jumped by enemies and you can take a table or a bed or what ever and flip it over for cover ! This works very well and I was impressed by this feature.

    I didn't buy this for the MP , however the MP part of the game has impressed me. Now its not server based and it is only 16 player, but It is a huge upgrade from Fear 1. It has 6 modes of MP and they are as follows: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Control, Armored Front, Failsafe, and Blitz.
    Failsafe is no respawn seek and destry , where you have to plant a bomb done in rounds.
    Blitz is cature the flag.
    Armored front is a different take on control(conquest) done with Mechs. Armored front is a great mode. Each team has one mech and couple of turrents and they fight over control of flags. It can get pretty crazy and can lead to some long Battles. My only complaint is that when you are inside the mechs it looks awesome, but watching them move around as a bystander they could have made their movements way better.

    You can make your own rooms by hosting a match or you can make a ranked game which only lasts one match and then you have to make a another ranked room.
    Ranked matches enable you to get online achievments and go up in rank.
    There are no weapons to unlock , yet they have a interesting point system so you can cutomize your kits. You can have 3 or 4 kit layouts and you get so many points to use for each kit. You can get armor, different weapons and grenades and health. Each one of these things costs you points so you have to pick what you want in that kit because you only have so many points to use. Example : you can go with no armor and carry two main weapons like a sniper and shotgun and one grenade type and health. Or you can use one of the best weapons and the best armor.

    The multiplayer is really pretty good and seems to be retaining a good amount of players online. The melee moves are also pretty fun online and you can do jump kicks and slide kicks and a asortment of melee moves online also. The game is full of Gore and it is pretty crazy looking.

    I guess they spent a bunch of money to redo the MP portion of the game and MLG has been talking about using it for tourneys. The MP is nothing that pushes the MP Genre but what it does it does very well.

    Conclusion : I was very impressed with this game and the Graphics in the SP are just stunning. I didn't expect much for the MP and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it is and I played the MP for 9 straight hrs the day I bought the game and had only 1or 2 experiences of very minor lag. All in all , I'm giving this Game a 8.9. It would be higher but I don't feel that it makes any ground breaking moves in the huge world of next gen FPS's. Its a solid game and one that I would recommend to a friend.

    Thanks for your time and consideration, DESODE
    Gamertag 360= DESODE

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    Thanx for the review, I think I know what i will spend my last Christmas gift cards on.
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