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NOOB to XBOX live (help)

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  • NOOB to XBOX live (help)

    So i have the xbox 360 for a year now and i was wondering how to get it going and whats the best plan for online gaming what do you guys reckamend?


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    Re: NOOB to XBOX live (help)

    It's only about 50 bucks for a year. Go to pretty much any store that sells electronics, and you can find plans for Xbox LIVE.

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      Re: NOOB to XBOX live (help)

      I know that this is a VERY late reply to the initial question - so my bad about that.

      The one year card is a great idea and - by far - the best choice. Just ask yourself a couple of questions first:

      1. How much are you going to be playing games that will be with other people. I know that this seems like a odd question but it is serious none the less. If you play games like Fallout 3 and such, there really is no use to get the Live membership. Just a thought for ya.

      2. How fast is your internet connection? Myself, I got HOOKED on Forza 2. And then I took on a job in a place that has the worst connection speed in the northern hemisphere. Now, if I go on the game, I get terrible lag - which upsets the other players and drives me crazy. Just another thought.

      Hope these tidbits help.

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