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800 bucks for an office seat/wheel seat?

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  • 800 bucks for an office seat/wheel seat?

    Can't post this in the hardware section, locked out... but more for my fellow 360 racers anyway:

    OK, I admit I have a serious shopping problem when it comes to games, game gear, and office equiptment...

    Since I saw a number of things at E3, I've ordered a few products for "review" purposes...

    I ordered the Xlerator Wheel Stand for 100 bucks... pretty good, cheaper device for console wheel and pedal system, more later in my article...

    But then I wanted a new playseat office chair that converts to a race seat... i bought the racing seat from them a couple of years ago for 250 bucks... so i thought this chair would be about the same price... wrong, 800 frickin bucks for this chair, even I'm not that crazy:

    now how much was that convexed widescreen monitor? or that D-Box chair? lol
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    Re: 800 bucks for an office seat/wheel seat?

    Not that I would pay 800 anyway, but I would need an XL version. I secret racing chair, wow.
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