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A very good 3 months...

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  • A very good 3 months...

    Well I pretty much stopped playing PC games here at TG... but we still have a number of community members meeting and playing together online via XBL... and the next 3 months are looking to be fantastic for us Xbox 360 owners...

    Who's getting what of the big name games coming?

    Console Sims/Games:

    DiRT2 (09/08/09)

    IL2: Birds of Prey (09/08/09)

    NFS Shift (09/15/09)

    Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising (10/06/09)

    Forza Motorsports 3 (10/27/09)

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (11/10/09)

    I'll be getting them all myself... so look for me and other members on XBL... also I have a calender i keep updated with the game releases and scheduled events:

    (if intrested.... to participate all you need to do is have one of us on your friends list, be online at the date and time with the game running... invites are then sent out to anyone having the game running.)
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    Re: A very good 3 months...

    Right on Magnum50 ! Its going to be a great month But , right now I don't think anything can tear me away from BOP ! Its just plain amazing for a console sim. We have never seen anything like this on console. Shame I have to move to my new house the 15th of this month and I don't know when my new internet connection will be in place.
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      Re: A very good 3 months...

      Co-op is my thing for the foreseeable future:

      Lost Planet 2




      TeamSpeak 3 Server


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