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  • Kill Streak rewards

    What killstreaks do you use?

    Which are your Favorites? Why

    Why do you use your setup?

    My initial setup was UAV, Care Package, Harrier
    This setup lended itself to begin with

    Then I switched to UAV, Care Package, Emergency Air Drop
    I liked how care drops gave me Chopper gunners and AC130s but it started being alot of uavs/c-uavs and ammo

    My most successful setup is Predator missle, Harrier, Choppergunner
    This setup works well together. Get 5 kills and call in missle. You get a quick view of enemy positions and hopefully get 2 kills. If you get a double kill you are already at 7 kills and a well placed Harrier could turn your 7 streak to a quick 11 kill and a chopper gunner.

    My current - Although it needs total noobs for this to work I have been trying to get a nuke so: Harrier, Chopper gunner, Nuke. 7 kills without dying is tough but if your team has a few uavs it can be done. If you reach 7 then you have a chance at a nuke. Hide well and work hard with your chopper gunner and hope they dont have stingers and 25-0 is doable. My problems with this setup is a rarely go 7-0 like never. But with the setup above pred,har,chop I went 27-0 and would have had a nuke - Pred only got me 1 kill anyway.

    So for me the real dicussion here is do I go back to killstreaks I earn frequently, Uav and care package (about 3 times a match) or do I leave the setup for that one game a week I get a nuke? any thoughts?

    Notes on Killstreaks:
    Harriers shot down enemy Choppers and Harriers - this is confimed a harrier shot a Pave Low down in a match last night ( i had seen if fire missles at other harriers but thought it was for show)

    Care package kill streak rewards will not add to your kill streak for future rewards - unconfirmed - but this is the major reason for my switch off of them

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    Re: Kill Streak rewards

    I can confirm the Care package thing. It says so in game and I've gotten plenty of kills with them and never increased my kill streaks.

    My current setup is: Predator, Harrier, then AC130.

    Predator is great for some quick kills to get the harriers. I feel the harriers are better than an air strike or attack chopper because they combine them both. If you get lucky with a UAV after your predator you pretty much guaranteed the next reward with your Harrier strike. I like the AC130 better than the Chopper Gunner, I typically get more kills.

    The one reward I miss having in my lineup is Emergency Air Drop. I think that is one of hte best or at least most fun rewards because of all the goodies you can get. It's fun setting up back to back sentry guns. But because they don't enhance the kill streak I removed it.

    The nuke is an impractical kill streak. First, it ends the round fast which isn't all that much fun. I think they do this because the other team should automatically lose if they let someone get that kill streak going, it also keeps unbalanced games for lasting too long. I would stick with a more useful kill streak reward than the nuke. The ones over 11 are really starting to push it unless you get lucky or up against total noobs.
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