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RRoD Warranty?

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  • RRoD Warranty?

    Got a quick question for you guys.

    First off, my Xbox is on its last legs.

    Here is a normal day for me. I put in a disk, and most of the time I get stuck with "Open Disk Tray" instead of just playing the game. Then after many restarts and opening & closing the tray a lot, the game might start. Then about a minute in I get "DISK IS UNREADABLE!! SUCKS TO BE YOU!!". After repeating this process for about 5 minutes the game comes back on and stays on. Then my faulty AV port kicks in, leaving me with a black screen leaving me to batter they Xbox/TV/dog for a while until something sparks back to life on the screen.
    Now, after I get the tray working, the disk working & the AV port back on track, and I decide to play online (MW2 until something better comes along). A couple of minutes in and my team starts to resort to amateur tactics. I end up getting caught in a friendly-fire cluster-bomb consisting of 2 noobtubes and a flash bang. My xbox decides it cannot cope and freezes, leaving me unable to do anything except turn off the console and repeat the process all over again.
    Fun right?

    Now my warranty is up, so Microsoft says they cannot do anything to help.

    However, I keep finding old(-ish) threads saying Microsoft offer an extended warranty if your Xbox is unfortunate enough to get the RRoD (Red Ring of Death) and that they may replace your console for you.

    Does anyone know if this offer still stands? (if my xbox suddenly starts displaying symptoms, of course)

    If it does, please tell me how I would go about cashing in on this offer.
    If not, please tell if you know of any sites I can go to, to get it repaired, or of any other Microsoft loopholes that would entitle me to get it repaired or replaced, without having to pay a fortune.


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    Re: RRoD Warranty?

    They extended the warranty for 3 years if you owned a Xbox purchased during a certain time. Early models.
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