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HTC HD7, iPod touch 16g 3g

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  • HTC HD7, iPod touch 16g 3g

    So I won one of these in a contest, but windows mobile isn't really my thing so I'm selling it. It is up locally on craigslist and will be going on ebay if no interest is shown.

    The phone is NiB, with all the accessories, and only powered on once to check that it worked. It really is beautiful, and if it had android I would definitely keep it, but since it doesn't it goes for sale.

    Don't remember if I have to name a price, I'll throw out 350 but just make me an offer, I'm not all that interested in making a big buck so much as getting rid of it before it depreciates to nothing.
    I also have an ipod touch that I planeed on selling before but never got around to (life got in the way), this is used, but it's been in an otterbox case since I got it so it should be all nice and shiny. Case comes with it, just offer up.

    I might be interested in trades, so hit me up. I'm doing a media center build, like pc games, airsoft, and anything electronic in general. If by any chance someone wants to trade a an 04-6 Volvo S60r awd in manual I would take that too. :D

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    Re: HTC HD7, iPod touch 16g 3g

    325 for the HD7?




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