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Paintball Gear Sale - Markers, Tanks, Loaders and Gear

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  • Paintball Gear Sale - Markers, Tanks, Loaders and Gear

    Hello Everyone

    I am having a huge getting out of paintball gear bag sale. If you see anything you like please PM me prices are negotiable. All items are for sale in their current condition. I am located in outside of Toronto Ontario Canada so shipping will likely be required. All prices are in CND dollars. I can accept paypal (plus fee) and EMT.

    The following items are for sale:

    Tippmann Model 98 $75.00 Includes 14 J&J Ceramic Barrel, hopper & basic NXe pod pack (not pictured). Custom green paintjob

    Steel Air Tank $15.00 - 47 x 3000psi, Tank passed hydro but valve was damaged, requires new gauge.

    Cross Fire 4500psi Valve $20.00 Valve from a 4500psi HPA tank, minor cosmetic damage. Picture available upon request.

    2 Revy Loader $15.00 each Lid broken

    Eggy II Loader $40.00 Includes spare raceway and lid

    Empire Elbow Pads $20.00 Size Medium/Small

    Assorted Squeegees $5.00 each

    Proto Mask $25.00 - Custom Yellow paint (chipped)

    140rd Pod $2.00 Each 14 available

    100rd Pod $2.00 Each 3 Available

    Redz 3+6 Pod Pack $30.00

    Ronin 3+2 Pod Pack $20.00

    Evil Pant $30.00 Size large, knees warn minor tares

    Contract Killer Pant $50.00 Size Large Very good condition

    Evil Gloves $10.00 Shooting fingers cut


    PS Mods please remove if this sale violates forum rules.
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