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Giving away steam coupons

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  • Giving away steam coupons

    I have a few steam coupons that I do not intend to use, that I am willing to give away for free.

    The Coupons include:
    25% off all Square Enix games or Edios Interactive game
    50% off Oddworld: Able's exodus
    50% off AIWar:Fleet Command
    50% off From Dust
    50% Back to the future the game

    Please PM me with your steam name, if your interested.
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    Re: Giving away steam coupons

    I have a coupon for 50% off any Valve game already released (i.e., you can't buy Dota 2 with it) and one for 50% off Worms: Ultimate Mayhem. Same as above; PM if you want it.
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      Re: Giving away steam coupons

      I would be intrested in From Dust and Worms if no one has spoken for them. PM's incoming. Thanks


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        I would be interested in the square enix coupon. I also have 1 free copy of Frozen synapse to give away, as well as 2 33% off valve software coupons.

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