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wts - Pioneer FH-P8000BT Head Unit (Car Stereo)

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  • wts - Pioneer FH-P8000BT Head Unit (Car Stereo)

    I'm selling my 2 year old Pioneer head unit. It worked flawlessly for me in my Ford F-150 for about 21 months until I sold the truck. I've considered installing it into my new vehicle, but my new dash is in red, and this unit is all blue led's.

    So, a used unit, but well maintained. Installed once, then removed and stored. See the pictures and the links for more information, they will be much better at describing the unit than I. When it was in use, I used a 5-way amp to power the 4 door speakers and a sub-woofer, and had very crisp, clear, and loud sound. The unit has a USB line that I placed in my glovebox and kept a 16gig flashdrive in place for access to hours and hours of albums. I also had Sirius wired up. The unit is blue-tooth compatible and includes a mic that can be wired to the dash or above you visor for audio input when using your phone.

    I'm including in a separate sale the Pioneer Sirius Connect Package peripherals which are needed to use Sirius satellite radio with this unit. The first is the Sirius Bus Interface, the CD-SB10, and the second is the Sirius Connect Universal Tuner, the Sirius SC-C1.


    The head unit itself:

    The Satellite radio peripherals:


    The Head Unit will be shipped in it's original box (placed securely in a larger shipping box) and include all original items, the wiring harness, remote, and installation instructions.

    Price for the Pioneer head unit alone = $145
    Price for the satellite peripherals = $70

    Price for both = $200

    Shipping costs will be $15 or lower depending on the total cost and will ship via UPS of DHL. Please contact me via PM, or catch me on TS if you have any interest or questions. Thanks
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    Re: wts - Pioneer FH-P8000BT Head Unit (Car Stereo)

    Closed, has been sold.
    "So Far, So Good................So What"




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