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    Unsure if this is the correct place for this:

    I'm looking to create a website for my own photography work. This is a area I am mostly unfamiliar with, so I wanted to see if there are any web site designers here, or if people know of any to refer. And what the rates for a fairly simple photography/video site would be.


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    Re: web design/developer

    I actually run a web development business with a partner called Binary Web Consulting. Depending on what features and other requirements you have, a website can run anywhere from a few hundred to a more than a few thousand dollars. Off the top, we mainly develop Wordpress-based websites, but we can use another CMS package and do custom coding for a fee if that's your requirement. Basic sites start at $250 for 5 pages with basic features and no e-commerce.

    If you're interested, PM me and we can talk about what you need and want, what your budget is, and how we can strive to meet your needs. I can also give you more info about my company and show you a portfolio of past or current work.
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