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More disk games/sims, manuals and a book for SALE...

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  • More disk games/sims, manuals and a book for SALE...

    Yep, continuing to clean out my closet, got a couple of collections for sale, if anyone's interested. (in the US only, due to shipping.)

    NOTE: All these games/sims include the serial key unless mentioned in the description. In this day of age of CD keys, and site registration and control it can sometimes be difficult to share/give/sell products, if something does not work and we can't get it solved together, then a full refund will be honored, thou most of these games are older games, and really selling them at cost more for handling and shipping, not much profit. Except some of the rare or classic of course. But be advised. We will solve problems if any arise or money back. Thanks.

    Manuals and Books: (all books/manuals below as one, $60.00)

    Ya, probably out of date but some are nice collectible manuals...

    Lock On: Modern Air Combat Enhanced Manual $25.00
    Digital Aspirin Ltd. 2003 Copy #397
    The leather, or fake leather, binder manual

    Lock On Flaming Cliffs $20.00
    v1.1 spiral manual

    KA-50 Black Shark $20.00
    DCS series big book, spiral manual

    How to Live and Die in the Virtual Sky By: Dan "Crash" Crenshaw $15.00
    Not a manual, but a spiral book published in 1999 by the owner of SimHQ.

    Games on disk: (all Games on Disk for $75.00)

    Janes Longbow 2 (Still the greatest PC game ever released IMO) $50.00
    Box, manuals, keycard, disk, disk with updates and patches, hell even the original registration card, lol.

    Janes F-15 CD-ROM Classic $40.00
    Disk and keycard
    small manual, the re-release of the classic version has the big manuals on disk

    Rise of Flight: Iron Cross Edition $10.00
    NO KEY INCLUDED, you must either buy or own a key to the game, only selling it for shipping in case someone wants the extras in it, Manuals, keycard.

    SWAT 4 Gold Edition
    Both disk w/ keys for SWAT 4 and the SS add-on. $20.00

    VBS Series (Virtual BattleSpace) $100.00 (for all below, not sold separately)

    VBS1 Lite Austrailian Defense Force (no key or dongle needed)

    Australians in Vietnam ((no key or dongle needed)

    VBS2 earlier version w/ keycard

    VBS2 Sim and Development Version,
    5 disk including the developer disk and the VBS2 Doungle.

    (NOTE: You will have to update the dongle for the current version, you should also be able to update to the latest version of VBS2 and the dongle by contacting BI Studios.)
    VBS2 is no guarantee to work because of the needed dongle upgrade, but if needed I will help you transfer my account to you for the free upgrade.)

    and finally my Battlefront collection: $80.00 for all

    I only play and have kept the newest CMBN, all the other products I have bought from Battlefront I no longer play, so selling, keys included for all that need them.

    Theatre of War 1,2, and 3. $40.00
    (including the ToW2 add-ons, Kursh and Afrika)

    Strategy of War
    (A interactive strategy guide for the ToW series, pretty cool)
    FREE with the ToW series.

    Strategic Command: WW2 Global Conflict $20.00

    PT Boats: Knights of the Sea $20.00

    Combat Mission: Afghanistan $20.00

    Combat Mission Shock Force w/all add-ons $40.00
    Marines, NATO, British

    Fortress Italy: Gustav Line $20.00
    (got the disk and key, not sure if it was stand-alone or a add on to FI, which oddly, I know I have but can't find it. Still have the key thou.)


    I prefer to sell them all in a easy package for each series/section... easier shipping, cheaper.. buy in bulk and we can talk price.
    BUT if you buy seperatly, or individually, price is firm due to shipping.

    PM me for info, Q. or whatever.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.

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    Re: More disk games/sims, manuals and a book for SALE...

    a copy/paste post... if you want pictures this link may or may not work:

    Ahh, while I'm here... bought Both Command and Flashpoint Campaigns from Matrix Games, don't really care for either one of selling the serial number, which is all you need, you download the game and activate w/ the serial... if interested:

    Command: Modern Air Naval Operations $50.00

    Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm $40.00

    or both for $75.00

    PM me if interested or Questions.
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    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.




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