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4 SALE: Xbox 360, GoPro Hero 3+ and extras...

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  • 4 SALE: Xbox 360, GoPro Hero 3+ and extras...

    For Sale to US friends only, shipping included...

    Since I've moved up to Xbox ONE now, I thought about keeping my 360 for some rare games, but I haven't booted that thing up since my XB1.

    Xbox 360 slim w/250 GB hard drive, 1 wireless controller with 3 batteries and a charger. $150

    It's a newer model, bought a year or so ago, the slim with the 250 GB hard drive. I got about 20 games already installed on it, if I know and trust you, (I've removed my credit card info) I'll ship it with the games still installed, then you can play them all on my account, or I can wipe it clean for you now, or you can later.

    Some of the games, and why I kinda wanted to keep it... Red Dead Redemption, Apache, Birds of Prey, all last years EA Sport games, Far Cry 3, GRAW2, R6 Vegas and a lot more, all with every addon or DLC. Xbox 360 250GB Console: Video Games

    GoPro Hero 3+ with 2 batteries, a charger, multiple housings and parts, and a few of the main mounts. $250 (Just added, my old GoPro2, same price)

    Yep, bought the new GoPro 4, and to be honest the new GoPro 4 is more powerful and much more better camera wise, but GoPro screwed up a lot of things with it, like it gets hotter then the 3, batteries don't last long at all, and much harder to upload now compared to the 3 which was just like another drive. BTW, you will need a Micro card, I kept the 64 GB card for my 4... and hell, I'll even throw in my GoPro 2 that still works but can't hold a charge for more then 6 hours. ;)

    Both great X-mas gifts.

    Contact me via PM... shipping included with the price in the US, heck if out of country I'll ship it with the added shipping cost.
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