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  • Dual Stream Equip

    I'm in need of an HDMI capture card, 50 feet of 18gbps HDMI cable, and a 50 foot USB cable.

    Mostly the card, but if anyone has the other stuff on hand and would be willing to sale them, I'd love to buy here rather than online. Gonna be tough to beat Amazon on pricing, though, with Prime shipping.


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    Re: Dual Stream Equip

    If no one here ends up posting up, all I can say is Monoprice FTW for cables (and lots of other cool stuff!)! But I'm sure you know about them already.

    Also, USB spec I think is limited to about 15-20' length IIRC. So, whatever you are planning to do, you might need to figure out another way.

    EDIT: Just found this

    Due to its design, USB cable has a normal maximum length of about 5 meters (16.4 feet), but you can get longer distances by using an active USB extension cable from Monoprice!
    49ft 15M USB 2.0 A Male to A Female Active Extension / Repeater Cable


    They do add separate shipping however, so usually I keep a list of non essentials until I really need something, and then place a bigger order in order to get the most for my shipping cost. I usually ask my local friends if they need anything as well before I place my order.
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