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Nano-Reef 5 Gallons

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  • Nano-Reef 5 Gallons

    5 lbs figi live rock.
    Green Star polyps.
    A -ton- of life that came off the rocks.
    DIY Lights and in tank fuge, etc etc

    History: Had a 2.5 gallon for over a year. Upgraded it to a 5 gallon. It has fallen into disarray and needs a lot of love. I can no longer financially pay for, nor maintain this tank, and I do not want to see it suffer the way it has been because of my neglect.

    If you live in the Chicago Illinois area, and want to drive to pick this up, my tank is free to a good home.

    Otherwise, conditions: Shipping in winter is a bad, bad thing, pickup only. You must be an experienced saltwater/reefer hobbyist, and I ask that you consider a donation to the "Let squeak have some gas money fund this winter" foundation($100?), as its hard NOT asking for anything for my investment .

    PM me, respond here. I dont have pictures, nor will have time to get them up. Im not trying to sell you a lemon. It really is a great tank, it just needs more time then I can give it.

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    Re: Nano-Reef 5 Gallons

    Poor reef. :(
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      Re: Nano-Reef 5 Gallons

      If nobody here is interested, you'll definitely get a response in the rec.aquaria* newsgroups...

      Unfortunately, I'm in Dallas, and I'm a freshwater kinda guy...
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        Re: Nano-Reef 5 Gallons

        I was talking to my sister-in-law this weekend and thought she might be wanting it, but she said that she wouldn't be able to go to the Chicago area to get it anytime soon. Also that she didn't know if she'd be able to take that great of care with it while having 2 small children in the house...

        Sorry, I tried...




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