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  • Looking To Buy CPU

    Anyone have an process that is just sitting around that they would like to part with? I'm currently running a 1700+ and would like to move up to something a bit faster. :)

    I have a Gigabyte GA-7VAX MB and it supports up to an AthlonXP 3000+ (333).

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    Re: Looking To Buy CPU

    DA, send me a PM. I have a 2100XP sitting around here in a dead board that hasn't been used in awhile. It stocked OC's to 3000+ speeds on air (latest stepping of the 2100+).

    I'd be willing to ship it to you for free since I can't guarantee that it works, but if it does it's your's if you want it.


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      Re: Looking To Buy CPU

      Heh, I have a 2500+ in similar shape. Didn't wanna offer it up because I don't want it to somehow ruin his board. Everything worked one day, then nothing the next.
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        Re: Looking To Buy CPU

        ok, I hate to ask, but I'm in the market too....

        It seems my xp-m 3000 does not work in a k7n2g... or am I wrong????....

        I am in a pinch at this point, and cannot find anything on the web about this combination. I would be willing to swap the 3000 for anything 2500+ or over at this point. the mobile was purchased for the 133 fsb, not the overclock. It did not work in the original mobo, so it went in the box till now.

        anyone interested please pm me.
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