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  • AWESOME Paintball Gun package

    I know a lot of FPS players are into paintball so I figured I'd throw you guys a link to my Ebay sale of my rig. There's a LOT included here, you can buy and play immediately. Send me a PM for a "buy it now" type option and I'll take the auction down. I'll set it at $350 for TG members. Was $400 before... now, on Ebay it's a straight-up no-reserve.

    Otherwise, good luck bidding.

    Spyder Victor II Package



    I havent used this rig in quite a few years as I simply didnt have the time and there's a serious lack of good fields in my area. So, I'm putting my setup up for sale. I went through a LOT of blood, sweat, and tears putting this all together. Please bid accordingly. I've seen no better quality package then this one on Ebay for getting SERIOUSLY started in paintball. This rig will get you picked 1st on every field (happened to me a lot). Not only does it LOOK cool, but it performs well and is HYPER-accurate. What's BEST is this setup saves on paint, which as we know can get expensive. "One-shot, one-kill". Use this for sniping or attacks, it's fully capable of doing what you want. If you really want automatic firepower, just upgrade to an electronic trigger. (be prepared to spend money on paint). When it all adds up, this is probably over $600 in gear.

    **Here's what's included (the list is long), do your research and you'll see how much this costs:

    * Like-new Spyder Victor II Marker (semi-auto) with all stock accessories included (barrel, hardware, loader, cleaners, etc.)
    * 16inch "Smart Parts All-American" 2-piece ported Barrel (VERY high accuracy, VERY high quality and very attractive, also not cheap)
    * "JCS (Blackpoint Engineering)" Voodoo Custom folding/telescopic stock; Fold it up on the field for tight spaces, unfold it for extreme accuracy. Works VERY well with the remote. Also is adjustable telescopically for varying arm-lengths; all on the fly.
    * "JCS (Blackpoint Engineering)" Custom military-sight mount; this is to mount standard military grade sighting systems. I had previously used this with a red-dot sight. Can accept scopes, lasers, you name it.
    * "Empire" Electronic Reloader; reloads perfectly and very quickly via sound activation. I've also added a velcro strap to prevent paint from escaping from the hopper. Comes with battery.
    * Clear angled elbow; this facilitates the use of a sight more easily, as the reloader is angled out of the way. For sniping, u can take the reloader off completely and load single-shot. (note, also comes with the stock spyder loader)
    * 4+1 Adjustable Harness (holds 4 pods and 1 tank)... 2 PODS and 1 compressed air tank included. The pod mounts are facing laterally (instead of down), so there's less possibility of losing paint to a pod opening. They're also easier to grab for reloading.
    * "Crossfire" compressed air tank (this rig is compressed air, which is much easier to fill on your own via scuba tank, compressor, etc.) The air tank is held within the harness, keeping the weight off the gun.
    * Tank REMOTE; this separates the tank from the gun via a coiled high pressure hose. GREAT rig for snipers. Keeps the gun low profile and lightweight. Come with removable adapter to go back to standard system. Air systems are inhenrently heavier then CO2, so remotes are the obvious solution.
    * "32 Degrees" armored gloves. These are nice because they've got plastic armor to protect your hands from paint strikes.
    * "VL Care Kit"; this includes swabs, rubber plunger, oil w/applicator, and cleaner. All portable in a case u can fit in your pocket. A LARGE two-sided foldable swab is also included (perfect for the field as it folds into your pocket).
    * "Scott" facemask; provides ample eye and face protection.
    * "Gameface" Coolmax neck protector; this has saved my neck a few times. They're nice also because it's breathable material for hot days.
    * Condom barrel-cover (imperative for safety and keeping your barrel clean)
    * $20 In PAINT. This paint is from my local field. Hopper and pods are full. Fire it when you receive it in the mail. Enjoy!

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    Re: AWESOME Paintball Gun package

    gambit please read the rules for this forum
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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      Re: AWESOME Paintball Gun package

      Originally posted by Trooper[SNPR]
      gambit please read the rules for this forum
      rgr... sorry for the mixup - "no auction links allowed"

      I see someone fixed it for me - THANKS!


      pm me for more pics, there are plenty - also, this item will HAVE to be sold by the end of the week




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