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  • selling hardware for supporting membership

    Long story short.

    Wife's been in school for a while so extra cash is tight. Have more hardware than i need and want to show some support here (and get reserved slot!).

    Almost all of my online trading has taken place on the Agora at and I have some references at and under the nick bentring.

    Most of my hardware is from the same era (the one when my wife was working ;) ) so I'll just give a list of everything I'm willing to sell. Be aware that some, but not all, of this hardware is currently in use, so if you're wanting something that is, or consists of part of one of my main machines, it may take me a couple days to get things swapped around.

    I'm at a loss on how to set this up, since I can mix and match to suit, but there are certain components that I'm only willing to sell as a group. I'll just list things as they come to mind. I'd really rather keep mobo/cpu's in a combo, but I'm usually easy to get along with if you don't want the combo.

    Epox 8KRA2+ - aven't ever used this, and I bought it used from the Agora 3-4 months ago. I'll test before selling, of course. I have an unlocked Barton 2500+ that I've been meaning to put in it.

    ECS somethingoranother it's the P4 version of the K7VTA3 It's in the pc I'm using atm, and I'll break the case open if there's interest. Bought this used from the Agora 3? years ago. Never had any trouble with it. Currently running a 2.4 P4. Could swap with a 2.8 if there's interest, See the Dell below.

    Shuttle SN45G - Again, bought off the Agora. This also has an unlocked 2500+ in it. This is the only piece of hardware that I oc'd. I ran it at 3200+ speeds for about 3 hours running Prime95 and clocked it back down. This does have an issue with the mobo. The integrated ethernet port decided it's time was up, so I started using a PCI card. This shuttle only has one PCI slot, so there are no free slots if you want an ethernet port. I can sell this barebones or as a complete system, and shipping won't kill you like supplying a case would with anything else I've got.

    I have a Dell Dimension 4550 with a 2.8 P4, but I've no clue why someone would actually pursue getting a used Dell when there's better options to be had. ;) I would be willing to swap the 2.8 and 2.4 if there's interest in that.

    I also have a MSI K8NGM2-NBP with an Athlon 64 4000+ inside it. I'm not really looking to sell this, but I thought I'd list it. It would only sell as a combo, though.

    Almost forgot the P3 dual 350 (I think) that I haven't used in a while. Not sure how much SDRAM I have that I'd send with it, but I'm sure it's at least 256MB.

    As far as other items go, I'm tight on the RAM I have. If you want a combo, I can deal with losing a stick, but you can't ever have enough RAM. ;) Power supply's are a different story. I don't have any spares, but again, if you're wanting a combo, I'll send one with it. Keep in mind though, that I don't have any high end power supplies.

    I have a couple of videocards that, while great back in the day, have become mainly useful for older games or secondary machines. I've got a 9700TX , 9500 non pro (softmoddable, I've been told), and other misc. ones down to an 8 meg.

    I also have hard drives ranging from 30gigs to 120. I can sell a couple separately if needed, but I do need some space to keep.

    I'll add anything else as I think of it.

    Thanks for looking.
    aka Roland tHTG

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    Re: selling hardware for supporting membership

    Almost a month and no reply's? :(
    aka Roland tHTG


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      Re: selling hardware for supporting membership

      You haven't even received any private offers? Weird...
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        Re: selling hardware for supporting membership

        What are the specs and price for the HDD's? Just looking for something cheap for my Torrent machine. You can either post here or PM me. ;)
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          Re: selling hardware for supporting membership

          looking for ddr ram - if you have any extra lying around....
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            Re: selling hardware for supporting membership

            Of course, no sooner than I bump the thread my main machine dies.

            I'll be needing to go through my things to see what I can sell.
            aka Roland tHTG




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