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Low/Medium End Computers For sale/Trade

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  • Low/Medium End Computers For sale/Trade

    I wanted to throw this offer out.

    Roughly it is an old HP Pavilion Destkop Computer: version XT919

    *Designed for Windows 2000 Pro (Currently Installed) or ME
    *Intel Inside Celeron
    *10 Gig Hard drive
    *260,592 KB RAM (???)
    *Ethernet Card installed
    *Tower case, a little wide.
    ***Included is a ink printer, really only prints USB connected

    Eh, not much I can say, previous owner was a smoker, I'm not.
    It is pretty fast on its own, nothing really on it yet. Loads everything fine

    Watching videos/Office work/Roller Coaster tycoon next to you lazy boy...

    I'll take any offers excluding shipping.

    Trade wise Ill look at your offer


    Emachine, roughly 2002-2003 when bought

    It is upstairs hiding.

    I hijacked its Ram a few weeks ago and stuffed it into mine.
    I am also removing the 40gig hard drive because it is LOADED with personal info and virus's. *Fun combo
    It is a tower case.

    *Interested just ask for more info and Ill check it out.


    2 Mac's one from 95 and 1 from 98. Both horizontal case's
    Don't know if they work, I heard they do from my uncle.

    *Pay for shipping and there yours, throw in a couples bucks for me too.


    2 motherboards from a 95 and a 98 Windows computer.
    About 8 sticks of ram (I think its all ram) And some random soundblaster cards I presume.
    *Might of been damaged, doubtful, pay for shipping and toss in a few bucks for myself.


    So thats about it.

    If your interested just contact me. [email protected] Email or MSN.

    ***Pictures will be taken upon asking.
    I see, I come, I conquer.



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